We have several programs that we think will help students learn about the Consitution, and the American Dream.

Community Education Speaker Series

An annual speaker series brings leading academics, analysts and commentators to the community to speak on topics in the current public discourse that have constitutional implications.


  • Attorney Mark Miller – Senior Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation.
  • Dr. Marshall DeRosa – The Exceptional Sheath for the Sword of Liberty.
  • Dr. Peter Wood – former President of the National Association of Scholars.
  • Professor Jason Stevens – The Overthrow of the American Mind – Freedom of Speech and its Discontents.
  • Mark Krikorian – Executive Director of The Center for Immigration Studies.
  • Stephen Moore – Economist and author of “Trumponomics”.
  • KrisAnne Hall – former Missouri State’s Attorney and motivational speaker.
  • Dr. Ronald Pestritto – Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship Dean, Professor of Politics,
    Hillsdale College, – “Citizenship, The Constitution And The Dysfunction Of Our National Politics”.
  • Dr. Kevin Portteus – Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship, Professor of Politics,
    Hillsdale College – on Convention of States, Article V of Constitution.
  • Sherry Plymale – Member, Florida Constitution Revision Commission.

Student Focused Learning

An annual Constitution Academic Competition is held in partnership with the Martin County Florida School District. The competition tests student knowledge and understanding through debates and individual and team presentations in answer to a question pertaining to content, constitutionality and history of articles in and amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

A panel of jurists test their knowledge and understanding of the issue, and their historical basis and the application of relevant text and principles in determining constitutionality. Winning students receive a scholarship from The Center for Constitutional Values for post-secondary education. Scholarship funds are raised from events and from donations by individuals, businesses and private organizations.

Partnership with Martin County School District

The Martin County School District curriculum is designed to ensure civic literacy for all students and emphasizes a deeper knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Constitution in particular. The mission of MCSD aligns with that of the Center. The District organizes the annual competitions and the Center develops the propositions that are the focus of student research and demonstrations of their knowledge.

Together, the organizations also look for partnership opportunities to reach students at the Middle and Elementary school levels.

Scholarship Competition


Youth In Government

Students participating in the scholarship competition are selected by the Youth in Government program.

The Youth in Government program is an extracurricular activity providing participants a unique opportunity to learn about our government in a youth-run, youth led model government process. The model government process is designed to prepare students for a life of engaged and active citizenship built upon the values of civil debate, statesmanship and research-based policy solutions.

For Information about “Youth in Government”  –  Please contact:
Charlene Lyons, Interim Executive Director, YMCA of Martin County – 772-263-6974 (Cell)

For information about the “Constitution Academic Competition” Please contact:
Dr. Mark Malham, Coordinator of Social Studies & Special Projects, Martin County School District
772-219-1200 ext. # 30183

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